Inverted Trophic Pyramids & Top-Heavy Communities: new research

New research I worked on with UC Santa Barbara’s Douglas McCauley and several colleagues is published in Ecology Letters and is now available online. On the prevalence and dynamics of inverted trophic pyramids and otherwise top-heavy communities McCauley, D.J., G. Gellner, N.D. Martinez, R.J. Williams, S.A. Sandin, F. Micheli, P.J. Mumby, and K.S. McCann Abstract Classically, biomass partitioning…

Consistent Interaction Role in Food Webs

Very excited that my research has been published in Nature Communications: 7, 11180 (12 April 2016) Consistent role of weak and strong interactions in high- and low-diversity trophic food webs Gellner, G. and KS McCann Abstract The growing realization of a looming biodiversity crisis has inspired considerable progress in the quest to link biodiversity, structure…

Fieldwork and Feral Pigs

As an ecologist, I have participated in fieldwork in a variety of terrestrial and aquatic ecosystems.

Reconciling the Omnivory-Stability Debate

Excited that my research has been published in The American Naturalist. (vol.179, no.1), January 2012. Reconciling the Omnivory-Stability Debate Gabriel Gellner and Kevin McCann Abstract Despite attempts at reconciliation, the role of omnivory in food web stability remains unclear. Here we develop a novel community matrix approach that is analogous to the bifurcation method of modular food web…

Elephant’s guide to sex

BBC Two and Discovery Channel have featured our research in an episode of their award-winning science documentary television series Horizon.