Grasslands Diversity Loss

A project I worked on with Andrew MacDougall,┬ábased at the University of Guelph, was the cover article published in┬áNature: 494, 86-89 (February 2013). Diversity loss with persistent human disturbance increases vulnerability to ecosystem collapse A.S. MacDougall, K.S. McCann, G. Gellner, R. Turkington Abstract Long-term and persistent human disturbances have simultaneously altered the stability and diversity…

Elephant’s guide to sex

BBC Two and Discovery Channel have featured our research in an episode of their award-winning science documentary television series Horizon.

Stability of Diverse Food Webs

“Structural asymmetry and the stability of diverse food webs” – a Nature paper I co-authored with Neil Rooney, Kevin McCann and John C. Moore in 2006 has over 400 citations.