Scientific Publications

Here is a list of recent academic publications. Where possible, links are provided. If you are interested in works that are in-progress or forthcoming, please contact me.



Hastings, A., K.C. Abbott, K. Cuddington, T. Francis, G. Gellner, Y. Lai, A. Morozov, S. Petrovskii, K. Scranton & M.L. Zeeman. “Transient phenomena in ecology” Science. (7 September 2018) LINK 

Icon for Faculty of 1000Kadoya, T., G. Gellner & K.S. McCann. “Potential oscillators and keystone modules in food webs” Ecology Letters. (27 June 2018) LINK 

McCauley, D.J., G. Gellner, N.D. Martinez, R.J. Williams, S.A. Sandin, F. Micheli, P.J. Mumby & K.S. McCann. “On the prevalence and dynamics of inverted trophic pyramids and otherwise top-heavy communitiesEcology Letters. (9 January 2018) LINK 


Jarvis, L., K.S. McCann, T.D. Tunney, T.D., G. Gellner & J. Fryxell. “Early Warning Indicators Detect Catastrophic Effects of Experimental Warming” Ecology and Evolution. (29 July 2016).  LINK

Gellner, G, K.S. McCann & A. Hastings. “The Duality of Stability: Towards a Stochastic Theory of Species Interactions” Theoretical Ecology. 1-9 (27 May 2016).   LINK

Gellner, G & K.S. McCann. “Consistent role of weak and strong interactions in high- and low-diversity trophic food webs” Nature Communications. 7, 11180 (12 April 2016).  LINK


McCann, K.S., G. Gellner, B.C. McMeans, G.W. Holtgrieve, N. Rooney, L. Hannah, M. Cooperman & S. Nam. “Food webs and the sustainability of indiscriminate fisheries” Canadian Journal of Fisheries and Aquatic Sciences. 73(4): 656-665 (22 October 2015).  LINK

Prior to 2014

Icon for Faculty of 1000MacDougal, A.S., K.S. McCann, G. Gellner & R. Turkington, R, “Diversity loss with persistent  human disturbance increases vulnerability to ecosystem collapse” Nature. 494: 86-89 (February 2013).   LINK

McCann, K.S. & G. Gellner “Food Chains and Food Web Modules”. In Encyclopedia of Theoretical Ecology, Hastings, A, Gross, LJ (eds). University of California Press 2012.   LINK

Icon for Faculty of 1000Gellner, G. & K.S. McCann “Reconciling the Omnivory-Stability DebateThe American Naturalist. 179(1):22-37 (January 2012).    LINK

Icon for Faculty of 1000Rooney, N., K.S. McCann, G. Gellner & J. Moore “Structural asymmetry and the stability of diverse food websNature. 442: 265-269 (July 2006).   LINK



Gellner, G. “The Nature of Ecological Stability: Integrating Theory from Modules to Whole Food Webs” University of Guelph: 2014. (Ph.D.)

Gellner, G. “The Stability of Omnivory: A Geometrical Reconciliation” University of Guelph: 2010.  (M.Sc.)