Consistent Interaction Role in Food Webs

NatComVery excited that my research has been published in Nature Communications: 7, 11180 (12 April 2016)

Consistent role of weak and strong interactions in high- and low-diversity trophic food webs

Gellner, G. and KS McCann


The growing realization of a looming biodiversity crisis has inspired considerable progress in the quest to link biodiversity, structure and ecosystem function. Here we construct a method that bridges low- and high-diversity approaches to food web theory by elucidating the connection between the stability of the basic building block of food webs and the mean stability properties of large random food web networks. Applying this theoretical framework to common food web models reveals two key findings. First, in almost all cases, high-diversity food web models yield a stability relationship between weak and strong interactions that are compatible in every way to simple low-diversity models. And second, the models that generate the recently discovered phenomena of being purely stabilized by increasing interaction strength correspond to the biologically implausible assumption of perfect interaction strength symmetry.

The full article can be accessed here.