Teaching in Brazil

ICTPSAIFRThank you to the International Centre for Theoretical Physics and the South American Institute for Fundamental Research for inviting me to co-teach a course on advanced foodweb theory in 2012.

The ICTP SAIFR describes Energetic Approach to Food Webs as follows:

This course will look at the role energetics play in mediating the structure and dynamics of consumer-resource interactions. We will unfold a simple set of principles on the role of energy in simple food web modules before exploring this framework in more complex food webs.

This course will emphasize, where possible, the interaction between theory and data. Additionally, lectures will be broken up into a lecture section and a lab section, which will have material that allows students to explore the dynamics within a “computer laboratory” setting (run by Kevin McCann and Gabriel Gellner).

The main reference of this course is the recently (2011) published book by Kevin S. McCann, “Food Webs”, which appeared in the Monographs on Population Biology, published by the Princeton University Press.

Student evaluations of the course lectures were very strong (9.2/10: n=19)


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Photos courtesy of ICTP SAIFR

More information about the course is available here.

Sample lecture slides from the course are available here.