Elephant’s guide to sex

10222_Horizon_1964 “The Elephant’s Guide to Sex” is great documentary television. It opens with scientists tackling the unique challenge of artificially inseminating an elephant, but more generally deals with the pressing issues of species extinction, biodiversity loss and ecosystem collapse.  Edited by Andrew Cohen, narrated by William Boyde, and co-produced by the BBC and Discovery Chanel, the episode of the BBC’s high profile science program Horizon is excellent. It offers an interesting and engaging treatment of the challenging work scientists do in the name of conservation.

My colleague Neil Rooney was among the scientists invited to participate in the documentary film; in it, he spoke to the relevance of our co-authored research. Here’s a short video segment of the episode:



Our original research which the BBC documentary incorporates – “Structural asymmetry and the stability of diverse food webs” by Neil Rooney, Kevin McCann, Gabriel Gellner and John. C. Moore – has been published in Nature and can be accessed here.